Siouxland Lutheran Hispanic Ministry

Siouxland Lutheran Hispanic Ministry

Rev. Henry Witte, Rev. Paul Flo, Dan Vogel, Pastor Pedro Lopez and his wife Paquita.
Pastor Lopez recently accepted a divine call to Storm Lake and Denison, Iowa.

Welcome Yasmin Azuzena Osterholt

I was born and raised in the Siouxland area by my parents Martha Olivares and Gustavo De Anda. I attended Wayne State College for three years and transferred to The University of Iowa, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with an emphasis in Teaching English as a Second language. I was introduced to the Lutheran Faith by my now husband, Christopher Osterholt when we first started dating and in 2023, I became a member of Calvary Lutheran Church in Sioux City, IA.

The start of this year I volunteered and assisted with teaching English for the Hispanic Ministry ESL program. Being a part of this program has solidified a desire to work with the Hispanic community and to help spread the word of God. I was given the opportunity to be able to do a work study program to receive my certification as a Director of Christian Education and start taking classes this fall at Concordia in Irvine, CA. With this work study program Pastor Awe and Pastor Witte will be assisting me in learning the foundation of the LCMS history as well as the Bible. I am excited to meet everyone and start working with the Siouxland Hispanic Ministry, to provide my services where they are needed.

Thank you all for your continued support of Siouxland Lutheran Hispanic Ministry!

¡Que Dios los bendiga!



Siouxland Lutheran Hispanic Ministry 
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2 Corinthians 5:21

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